R & D

Micronova is passionate to make new products for emerging markets by constantly exploring new technology and upgrading our skills. Our R & D team provides innovative solutions for customized requirements that conform to stringent International Standards in the field of

  • High Frequency Communications
  • Radio Frequency Systems
  • Embedded Software Solutions
  • High Power Electricals

Corporate social Responsibility

Micronova is committed to providing the basic communication know-how to the student’s community by conducting seminars and helping them in their project works. Micronova’s R & D team conducts these seminars and provides the valuable information through their blog spot where information could be viewed and downloaded.

Please visit http://hamrmipl.blogspot.in/ for more details.

R & D Products

  • Solar Charge Controller for Mobile Base Station application – 10 KW capacity
  • Solar Charge Controller for Panchayat Connectivity project – 120 W
  • Software Defined Radio
  • GR40 Receiver
  • PSK 31 Communication
  • Raspberry pi projects for academic sector
  • Aurdino projects for academic sector

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