Environmental sustainability

We at Micronova understand the importance of conserving our precious environment.

In view of this, we have taken some initiatives to introduce some eco-positive products. We know from experience that taking small steps towards a greener lifestyle could in fact contribute immensely.

We have two categories of products:

1. Range of Composters:

Composters help in managing wet waste generated. In India, over 65% of waste generated is wet/ compostable waste. By addressing this portion of waste, we would be cutting down on huge amounts of waste going to landfill.

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2. Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag:

Following the 3R cycle of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, it is always better to Reduce the waste generated, rather than managing it later.

We believe that people can cut out a lot of single use plastic and paper bags by carrying a Reusable bag along with them. Also, with the onset of the Plastic Ban by Karnataka government, people are scouting for convenient alternatives.

With our in-house design and material selection, we have a range of Foldable-Reusable Bags that can be carried anywhere and used for carrying nearly anything!

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