Company Profile

Micronova group was established in the year 1983 with a vision to bring the latest Electrical, RF, and Microwave technologies from around the globe to Indian industries. Although the company originally started as a sourcing and distribution company, we created strong and trusted relationships with our customers and principals that enabled us to expand and diversify our business.

We are now also a trusted services and solutions provider in the fields of Power, Communication, and Internet. We have expanded our operations overseas, and are involved in projects in China, Phillippines, Singapore, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

We at Micronova understand the growing importance of Environmental Sustainability, and hence we have diversified into the field Sustainability. We provide waste management solutions, and are engaged in the manufacture of sustainability products.

Our strength lies in accepting new challenges, in appreciating new ideas, and in learning to innovate. We strive to offer our customers turnkey solutions for their problems.

Currently our activities are categorized as follows:

Sourcing - Value Added Marketing Services representing more than 30 OEMs across the globe mainly on Electrical and Electronics products.

Service - Turnkey Service Provider for power & communication projects.

Solutions - Internet Service Provider (ISP) for bandwidth delivery to Enterprise and retail sectors, Turnkey Solutions for LAN/Wi-Fi, Multi DTH, In Building Mobile Communication, Integrated Building Management Solution and Environmental Sustainability.

Infrastructure & Resources

We are headquartered at Bangalore, with a regional office in Chennai. Further, we have an overseas office in Singapore that serves as our global sourcing hub.

The Micronova Group is ISO 9001 certified, and employs more than 100 people who are managed by technocrats with more than 30 years of experience in their respective fields.

We have our own IBM-built Data Centre that provides internet and cloud services for enterprises and retail.

Since we believe in innovation, Micronova has invested in its own R&D centre that focuses on High Frequency Communications, Embedded Software Solutions, and Power Electronics technologies.