Low Voltage Products


  • A-line, A/AF Block Contactors
  • Up to 670 kW
    • 3-pole and 4-pole, AC, DC or wide range electronic coils
    • Safe and easy to install and maintain
    • Perfect fit to most applications
    • Coordination with other ABB products
    • Complying with standards for building and industry applications: motor control, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, pumping, lifting equipment, lighting, process, power factor correction, etc.
  • Contactor for AC-1 application
    • AF1250 and AF 2050, also including the whole AF range with its AC-1 ratings
    • Ideal for application WINDPOWER, SOLAR and GEN-SET
  • Common Main Features for AF50 – AF2050
    • Wide control voltage range, example: 100-250V AC/DC
    • Reduced power consumption (holding < 20W)
    • Very distinct closing and opening
    • Insensitive to short voltage drops
    • Virtually noise free
    • PLC operation possible on AF400 - 2050

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