Consumer Goods

Micronova offers MEAS by TE connectivity that are used by the consumer goods industry to improve functionality in home appliances, computers and business equipment. TE connectivity has partnered with many major appliance manufacturers to break new ground in the creation of smart appliances that can respond to human touch, sense vibration, adjust automatically to different loads, and improve efficiency.

Some of the consumer goods we supply sensors for include:

Refrigerators--Humidity controls keep vegetables fresh while humidity sensors monitor outside the refrigerator improve efficiency by avoiding costly defrost cycles.

Printers Humidity monitoring of air and paper improves the drying process of ink jet printers. Toner humidity monitoring guarantees print quality in laser printers/copiers.

Dehumidifier--Humidity and temperature sensors help improve air quality.

Washer/Dryer--Low cost Piezo Film vibration sensors measure load imbalance to avoid Walking.Humidity or thermopile sensors are used in dryers to automatically shut off when clothes are dry.

Application Function
Dish Washer MR sensor is used to detect rotation of spray arm and make sure it is not blocked
Humidity sensor is to control drying process
NTC thermistors are to control temperature of water
Washing Machine Piezo film sensor as accelerometer to detect load imbalance during spin cycles
Glass NTC thermistor to control water temperature
Humidity or thermopile sensors to shut off when clothes are dry
Pressure sensor to control water level
Refrigerator Management of defrost heater cycles for energy efficiency
Humidity and temperature control in fresh food compartment
Excess ICE forming prevention
Detection of doors gasket sealing default for energy efficiency
Food conservation optimization in fridge compartments

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