Industrial Power and Connectivity Solutions

We design and build tough and harsh Industrial power connectivity products so that they can be used in construction, soundstage, movie and theater set power, temporary power solutions, semiconductor manufacturing, and heavy-duty trailers.

Our main focus is to provide a variety of products for customers to choose, enhanced customer service with constant product innovation.

We address the concerns of high-current switches for DC motors used by rolling mills in steel plants.

Customer Service and Solutions

With our experienced and knowledgeable internal staff, we handle various customer related queries to meet their requirements. We actively participate in various industry-related technical committees just to offer our customers the best product solutions.

Automobile Solutions

We offer a variety of sensors that include braking systems, fuel monitoring systems, engine control systems, cabin comfort, climate control, etc., which are required to address safety and security features in the automotive sectors. We also supply Stand-alone Sensors for direct application use by OEMs.

Products are strictly manufactured at TS16949 certified facilities to meet the demands of vehicles used in industries such as trucking, agriculture, commercial, forestry, and mining.

Heavy Industrial Solutions

Micronova addresses the requirement of high current switches for DC motors used in rolling mills and steel plants. Not only do we supply contactors for dynamic breaking applications but also we assist in the selection of proper current rated contactors depending upon the duty of use.

We also serve metal processing industries by supplying high current switches, isolators, disconnectors for heating circuits of furnaces of smelters.