Energy Utilities

Energy Utilities

Micronova has a presence across all divisions of energy management viz Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Consumption. Our solutions include supply of Field Circuit Breakers and Air-flow monitors at power generation plants. We also provide pylon installation services for high voltage transmission. Our turnkey solutions encompass the Design, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Sub-stations for all types of power consumers such as industries, hospitals, homes etc.,We provide design services for electrical network architecture, fault detection systems, energy management solutions etc.


We also carry out retrofitting of Field Circuit Breakers at generating stations.
energy utilities
energy utility


Micronova extends their support to all kinds of spare parts and provides maintenance services. Our design keeps in mind the current and future requirements. Micronova also supplies transformer protection devices and fuses. Micronova caters to provide complete solar PV systems upto 10MW capacity.