What is ACB?

An air Circuit Breaker (ACB) is an electrical device used to provide Overcurrent and short-circuit protection for electric circuits over 800 Amps to 4000 Amps. ACB is used in the switching mechanism and protection of the electrical system. ACBs are protective devices that make at normal current, carry normal current, break at normal currents, and trip at faulty conditions.

ACBs are circuit breakers that are designed as per IEC60947-2.

ACB is used for the protection of industrial plants and electrical machines such as capacitors, generators, transformers, Cables, etc. ACB is mainly used in plants where there is a risk of fire or explosion.

ACB has 2 types

  • Draw Out type. It’s a combination of the Withdrawable moving part (WMP) and the Withdrawable fixed part (WFP). It reduces time during maintenance  & replacement of circuit breakers

In draw-out type, there are 2 combinations

a. MDO type- Manual draw out type (WMP and WFP are to be used for a complete MDO breaker)

b. EDO type- Electrical draw-out type (To convert the breaker from MDO to EDO need to use a conversion kit that comprises a closing coil, opening coil, motor operator.

  • Fixed Type. Fixed circuit breakers are breakers that are directly connected to Busbar that cannot be drawn out.

Microprocessor-based Electronic trip units:

● EK1 LI



L- Overload

S- Short circuit

I – Instantaneous Short Circuit

G- Earth Fault

Ranges of ACB:

  • FA4     up to 3200A, 440V AC – up to 50 kA at 440V- 3, 4 Pole
  • FA2     up to 2000A, 440V AC – up to 50 kA at 440V- 3, 4 Pole
  • FA1     up to 1600A, 440V AC – up to 50 kA at 440V- 3, 4 Pole

Specifications of ACB

  • Iu - Rated uninterrupted current
  • Ue - Rated service voltage
  • Uimp - Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage
  • Ui – Rated Insulation voltage
  • Ie – Rated operational current
  • Icu - Rated Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity
  • Ics - Rated service short-circuit breaking capacity
  • Icw - Rated short-time withstand currentrupted current
  • Icm - Rated short-circuit making capacity (peak value)

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