M&I Materials

M&I Materials

M&I Materials Limited promotes innovative specialty materials for industry and science. Apiezon®, Metrosil®, MIDEL®, MIVOLT®, and Wolfmet® are some of the company’s successful brands.

M&I Materials Limited is a multinational firm with offices in the United States, India, China, South Africa, and Singapore as well as clients in 65+ countries across the world. The company is an internally managed, financially successful business with a track record of consistent success. In ten years since the company became private, they were able to increase turnover by almost three times.

The M&I material team consists of expert and friendly business development managers who are supported by a global network of distributors, service partners, and outstanding customer care. Their clients also benefit from excellent levels of technical assistance from a staff of multilingual application engineers and product experts.

The brands we deal with M&I Materials are Apezion and Metrosil

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