What is Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBO)?

RCBOs are the best way to protect your home or business from overload, short-circuit, and earth leakage. RCBO's help in sensing this kind of faults, tripping circuit ensuring complete protection for people as well as connected equipment.

It protects against two types of Faults

1.         Earth leakage or Residual current fault.

2.         Over-current fault (Overload and Short-circuit)

 The advantages of using ABB RCBO

Complete Range: Select from a wide range of products according to your requirements

Continuous operation:  Perform troubleshooting with ease on the network with minimal downtime for maintenance

● Easy to install: Save time while wiring operation

● Global availability: Compliant with Local Standards and a wide set of Approvals

● High Switching capacity: Rated switching capacity of RCBO’s is higher than Residual current operated breakers.

● Long Life span: Mechanical life of an RCBO is around 20,000 Operations.

● Various Functions types for unwanted tripping: ABB offers various types of RCBO’s starting with AC, A, APR, A-S, F and B Types, with sensitivity from 30mA to 300mA

The product ranges available under ABB RCBO

● DS201 – DS202C

● DS203NC

● DS202 – DS203 – DS204

● DSE201 – DSE201 M

● DSN201

● RCD blocks - DDA200 + S200 M (RCBO Combination)

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