EAPL was founded in 1984. It has maintained a commitment to producing high-quality, low-cost goods since its inception.

The company has always sought to invent devices of high viability matched with sales at low prices. Resulting from critically controlled and standardized quality-oriented manufacturing methods, the company assures no compromise in the caliber of the product.

The company also has been approved by CSA and UL, which means it fulfills legal safety requirements.

EAPL products aren’t designed for a certain sector. Rather, they are intended to be used across many industries. As a result, the firm has gained a consumer base in over 50 cities throughout India as well as in GCC countries.

Micronova’s association with EAPL as a distributor started in the year 1995. We deal with EAPL’s Electronic Timers, EMS, SMPS, Solar Charges, Annunciators, and Temp Controllers.