What is MCB or a Miniature Circuit Breaker?

MCB is an electrical switching device that is used to protect the electrical circuit from excess current happening due to overload or short circuits. It protects the electrical circuit by automatically switching off whenever there is a fault in the current.

When compared to traditional fuses, MCB is better as it can be reused multiple times. These devices are greatly used in places having high voltage fluctuation. MCBs make your electrical infrastructure safe without having to spend much.

MCBs are used to ensure safety in homes, offices, buildings, schools, and also in industrial applications to protect the circuits from overload and short circuits.

MCBs come with two tripping mechanisms:

  1. Delayed Thermal Tripping - Overload Protection
  2. Magnetic Tripping Mechanism - Short Circuit Protection

Top brand ABB MCB from Micronova Impex

Micronova offers the top brand ABB MCB with System pro M compact. This allows ABB to offer its wide range of MCBs to suit multiple applications and markets. With 90 years of experience in innovation, these products offer undeniable quality and are compliant with worldwide product standards including IEC/EN, UL, and CSA.

 Main Features of ABB MCBs

  • Worldwide product standards-compliant (IEC/EN, UL, CSA)
  • Characteristics: B, C, D, K, Z
  • Configurations: 1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P
  • Breaking capacities up to 50 kA
  • Rated currents up to 125 A
  • Rated operational voltage up to 1000V
  • We have special application-based MCBs for Rolling stock (Traction), Solar (PV), Ships, offshore units, and high-speed and light crafts.

ABB MCBs ranges available at Micronova Impex

  • SB200 M range MCB For all general Industrial and Household applications
  • SB200 DC range MCB- For DC application 1Pole up to 250VDC & 2Pole up to 500 VDC
  • S200 range – For all general Industrial and Household applications
  • SN201 Range - 1P+N in one module housing
  • S200 M UC Range – For Both AC/DC Applications,
  • SU200 M range – UL489 approved
  • S200 MT Range – For Traction
  • S700 and S750 DR series MCBs .. Eselective, Kselective characteristic
  • S800 series High performance MCB up to 1500V DC & up to 125A
  • Accessories
  • Signal/auxiliary contacts
  • Busbars and accessories
  • Shunt Trips
  • Motor operating device
  • Mechanical tripping device and Switched neutral
  • Undervoltage and overvoltage releases
  • Locking Devices (Padlock with keys)
  • Rotary Operating mechanism

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