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Author - Girish KR

Multifunction Meters

Energy management is one of the biggest challenges in any business and application. In the industrial sector and for manufacturing equipment, energy use has a huge impact on the cost of operations and facility managers are aware that energy measurement and power monitoring systems are important to reduce energy costs. Meanwhile, [...]


How does Switchgears Function?

Switchgear protection is significant in any cutting edge power system network. From producing power to dispersion, switchgear is useful to run the electrical machines in a smooth-running way and shields the gear from over-burden Short-Circuit harm.  When there is a surge in the power due to current and voltage at [...]


Why Should you install MCBs?

Any mishap due to over current, overload or short circuit can be really dangerous. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, it is always better to prevent such mishaps by safeguarding your circuitry, appliances, and loved ones through adequate switchgear in advance.  Earlier people used fuses to protect their [...]