What are Contactors?

Contactors are electromagnetically operated switches that are used to make or break the connection between the load and power supply. This happens when the control power flowers through the magnet coil of a contactor that creates a magnetic field by attracting the mechanical contact carrier. The mechanical contact carrier returns to the starting position once interrupted by the coil control circuit.

To keep things running you need control!

ABB contactors are provided in either three or four power pole configurations with a variety of accessories, including auxiliary contacts, easy connecting links (between products), interlocks, and bus bars. These devices are used for controlling switching power circuits, single and three-phase motors.

The ABB contactors belong to the class of air-break contactors. On removal of coil power, an arc will be created due to the contacts opening. These contactors extinguish the arc by separating the contacts with enough distance.

Contactors are approved according to IEC / EN 60947-4-1, IEC / EN 60947-5-1., and Contactor relays are approved according to IEC / EN 60947-5-1.

 ABB Contactor Range

The ABB comprehensive selection of contactors is used for simple and extreme applications and also with purpose-specific products. The AF contactor technology has revolutionized the use of contactors around the globe with different network conditions.

In addition, a mini-contactor range also available for specific connection possibilities along with compact dimensions. The efficient AS contactors allow in optimizing the equipment design.

ABB ranges include terminals between screw, push-in spring and ring tongue.

Basically, whatever your need for a contactor is, with the ABB product range, you’ll always find a fix.

3 Pole and 4 Pole contactors for Motor Starting and Power Switching 

  • AF range (AF09…..AF2850) is available as 3-pole contactors from 9A up to 1060A AC-3 duty or up to 2850A AC-1 duty and as 4-pole contactors up to 525A AC-1 duty all with AC / DC wide operational voltage range coils
  • AX range (AX09…..AX370) is available as 3-pole AC operated contactors from 9A up to 370A AC-3 duty or up to 600A AC-1 duty
  • AL and TAL range is available as 3-pole DC operated contactors from 9A up to 40A AC-3 duty or up to 60A AC-1 duty
  • A range (A09…A185) is available as 3-pole AC operated contactors from 9A up to 185A AC-3 duty or up to 275A AC-1 duty

Contactors for Capacity Switching

UA and UA..RA range contactors for capacitor switching up to 80kvar 3Pole AC Operated

  • Markets widest contactor range - up to 80Kvar
  • Proven reliability in capacitor switching demanding application
  • Easy selection with CAPCAL software.

Product benefits

Product features

  • UA….RA contactors, with damping resistors, are used when peak currents are far exceeding 100 times nominal rms current
  • UA contactors are used when peak currents are less or equal to 100 times nominal rms current
  • Wide control voltage range for UAF..RA is available
  • Contactors for DC switching
  • GF, GAF and GA range contactors are specifically designed for switching DC circuits up to 1500V. They are widely used in applications including EV charging, PV solar, Energy storage systems, and UPS.

Contactors for DC switching

GF, GAF, and GA range are specifically designed for switching DC circuits up to 1500V. They are widely used in applications including EV charging, PV solar, Energy storage systems, and UPS.

Product Benefits

  • Design - modern and compact
  • Approval - IEC and UL
  • Global support access allows the products to be used in all parts of the world
  • Proven reliability in all networks

Product features

  • Up to 1050 A, 1500 V DC-PV3 for solar power application
  • Up to 2050 A, 1000 V DC-1
  • GF and GAF are based on the well-proven AF technology
  • Wide control voltage range ( 100 - 250 V AC/DC)
  • PLC interface, 24 V DC -100 mA
  • Built-in surge suppression

Contactors for Safety Application

AFS Range designed for machine safety applications

Product benefits

  • EN ISO 13849 and EN 62061 safety standards compliance allows the safe use of machinery and equipment
  • Factory mounted auxiliary contact blocks come with guaranteed contactors status
  • Easy safety chain identification with the yellow housing
  • Simplify calculation of installation safety level with safety values available in FSDT and Sustema tools

Product Features

  • Up to 400 kW - 400 V AC-3, 600 hp - 480 V and 1050 A - 690 V AC-1, 900 A - a general use
  • B10d values available for the entire range
  • Fast opening times as low as 20 ms for certain AFS contactors with PLC interface
  • Mirror and mechanically linked contacts with 3rd party certificate
  • Minimum switching capacity 12 V, 3 mA 10-7 featured in low energy auxiliary contacts
  • Built-in surge suppression

Contactors and contactor relays for railway application

AF..B contactors and NF..B contactor relays for rolling stock applications such as lighting, heating, breaking, air conditioning, ventilator and door control.

Main benefits

  • Reduce train energy consumption with lighter devices reducing weight by up to 45%, and 68% less coil energy consumption improving power management
  • Reduce the size of installation with 15% less width
  • Optimize your logistics and stocks by 60%
  • Thanks to AF technology, handle the large voltage fluctuation due to battery use
  • Protect persons and equipment with products specifically designed to meet the latest rolling stock application requirements.

Main features

  • 3 and 4-pole contactors up to 200 kW / 400 V - AC-3, 300 hp / 480 V, up to 600 V AC-1
  • 4 and 8-pole contactor relays
  •  Meet all rolling stock standards: EN / IEC 60077-1/2 and EN 50155 for applicable parts, EN / IEC 61373 cat.1 class B, fire and smoke European standards EN 45545-2 (HL2 or HL3)
  • Compliant with RoHS directives
  • ABB has IRIS certification (International Railway Industry Standard).
  • With non-detachable screws for standard or ring tongue ferrules
  • Only 3 low consumption coil codes covering all main Uc control voltages.

Installation Contactors

ABBs hum-free installation contactor offers a wide range of ratings from 16 A to 100 A.

These contractors are widely used in buildings for switching and controlling lighting, heating, ventilation, motor and pump.

The innovative AC/DC design eliminates hum allowing peace of mind during noise-sensitive applications.

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