Control and Vigilance

Achieve Control and Vigilance
Over Water Infrastructure

Monthly Reports

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
Auditing Reports that can be

AI Based Analytics

AI-based Analytics with Interactive Web and Mobile Applications

Easy System integration

Easy Integration with
Existing Systems

Smart Water Management Solution from Micronova

Micronova’s solution is a groundbreaking smart industrial water management tool that embodies innovation at every step. The product helps entities/industries effectively measure and monitor their water consumption patterns across their sites on a real-time basis, which helps reduce operational costs and achieve statutory compliance.

Industrial Smart Water Management Solution Benefits


Easy System integration

Easy Integration
with existing BMS/
PLC systems

Secure Data Transfer

Secured data storage
and transmission
through AWS /Azure

AI Based Analytics

AI-based analytics
on the go

Wireless Cloud

Wireless cloud

Why our Sustainability Solution?


Reduces water leakage & wastage by up to 30% of consumption

Real-time monitoring & analysis of all the water parameters

Virtually access interactive & user-friendly Web and Mobile applications from anywhere

Identifies potential inefficiencies in water consumption & flag alerts

Customized and periodic report generation

Helping industries to be compliant with government norms

More About

AI and IoT-Based Sustainability Solution

Digital Flow Meters

The product is compatible with and can be retrofitted to most digital water flow meters and water quality sensors. This ensures lower implementation costs, less time to implement, and the potential for wide-scale integration within existing systems (BMS/PLC) across existing facilities.

With the help of our product’s AI-based insights, the software sends prescriptive alerts and notifies users of any leakages, inefficiencies and other gaps in the water infrastructure. This helps the facilities teams take the necessary corrective actions quickly. It also helps the teams to identify water usage patterns, compare these with industry-specific benchmarks, and take action to optimize their water consumption.

AI and IoT usgae insights
Compliance and Sustainability Checks

Users also get automated reports delivered to their inboxes including necessary reports that are needed to be submitted to respective government authorities on water extraction and consumption patterns. The solution thereby helps companies achieve statutory compliance, accomplish corporate sustainability goals, and save money on water-related costs which adds up to a very good return on investment.

Future Proof Your Industrial Facilities from Water Crisis Using an AI and IoT-Powered Water Intelligence Solution

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