Data Cables: Uses and Types

Data Cables | Uses and Types

Data Cables: Uses and Types

To transfer data from its source to destination, a transfer mechanism is necessary. The data is transferred in ways of signal over a defined distance in both wired and wireless ways. For wire transfers, the signal is transferred from one device to another whereas in wireless the electromagnetic waves carry these signals without having to rely on a physical conductor.

Nowadays, Data Cables are crucial for a computer to establish a connection between its hardware components. To communicate from one computer to another, a data wire is connected between them.

In this blog, we will uncover the uses of data cables and their types that are used in carrying binary electrical transmission signals from one location to another.

Uses of Data Cables

Data cables are majorly used for internal communication, network communication and Peripheral cabling.

Internal communication

To enable communication between hardware elements of a computer, a data cable is used. For example, the hard drive is connected to the motherboard to enable communication between them using a data cable.

Network Communication

A data cable is used in establishing connections between multiple computers over a network. To use this, an ethernet cable is utilized. The ethernet cable uses the network interface to connected PCs.

Peripheral Cabling

Peripheral devices such as cameras, printers, scanners, xerox machines all use data cables to connect, transfer and receive data from the computer.

Types of Data Cables

Data cables can be classified into three types: Twisted Pair, Coax and Fiber Optic Cables.

Twisted Pair

These types of data cables are used in computer networking and in telephones and are wired using a shielded twisted pair. It also has a cover to prevent it from signal degradation from other sources. It’s clear from the name itself that the wires inside are twisted. Wires are twisted to preserve data transmission from signal deterioration and they also have a limit to how far they can get extended before the signal gets damaged.


Also known as Coaxial cables are used in older computer networks. These cables were displaced by a shielded twisted pair but it is still used in cable networks to enable television communication data. These cables are large and are rounded wires with an internal core used to send data. The core is surrounded by an insulator and shield to protect the data communication signal.

Fiber Optic

When you talk about fast data connections then it is achieved using fiber optic cables. These cables are used by telephone and cable companies to offer customers secure and faster internet connections on the internet. Fiber optic cables use light and glass for data transmissions.

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