Multifunction Meters


Multifunction Meters

Energy management is one of the biggest challenges in any business and application.

In the industrial sector and for manufacturing equipment, energy use has a huge impact on the cost of operations and facility managers are aware that energy measurement and power monitoring systems are important to reduce energy costs.

Meanwhile, an energy-efficient commercial or residential building reduces maintenance and utility costs and decreases emissions of greenhouse gases and energy usage.

A wide range of energy efficiency devices and advanced metering solutions are available in the market which ensure the monitoring of electricity usage, from the incoming energy all the way down to the last branch, contributing to energy management and a reduction in energy consumption leading to:

  • Potential new saving opportunities thanks to detailed information on energy usage
  • Cost allocation of energy
  • Branch supervision of both AC and DC currents
  • Wide measurement dynamics: reliable energy measurement from low to high currents

Multifunction Meters

Energy consumption awareness is key to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency on machines and electrical assets. Multifunction meters allow us to identify areas for improvement and to generate benefits for owners, facility managers, and users. They enable us to run smarter buildings in a more energy and cost-efficient manner.

Multifunction Meters have the following instrumentation values as a minimum:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Active power

Discover the full range of products designed to monitor energy consumption in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Network Analyzers and Multimeters

Energy efficiency, energy cost savings, and improvement of power quality are certainly three main goals to achieve in order to run sustainable buildings, and tracking electricity consumption is fast becoming a no-brainer for any business.

Network Analyzers and Multimeters includes a comprehensive offer of front panel and DIN-Rail devices designed to monitor when, where, and how power and energy are consumed by measuring and analyzing in real-time the main electrical parameters of the network and the power quality KPIs.

Customers can benefit also from ‘’Give your buildings a new dimension” scalable solutions for energy and asset management thanks to the connection of these devices to BMS.

Circuit monitoring systems

Give your buildings a new dimension

With the rise of digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) collection of data from the entire network for analysis becomes easier, enabling optimization of energy usage and assets. From monitoring energy consumption to control of operations and costs, connectivity-based solutions can improve energy efficiency while reducing costs.

The Circuit Monitoring System (CMS) is an ultra-compact and high-performance multichannel measurement system for AC and DC branch monitoring. It represents a complete solution for monitoring electrical parameters in distribution panels, enabling power monitoring and energy efficiency analysis in buildings and critical power applications.

The CMS enlarges the portfolio of central units for energy and power circuit monitoring, providing the most comprehensive set of information on the system. Through the built-in web server, CMS allows us to identify potential savings related to energy consumption and to detect risky situations before they lead to service interruptions or load failures. This helps guarantee uninterrupted power supply and service to customers.

The CMS sensors measure any kind of current – direct, alternating, or mixed – in a wide measuring range of up to 160A. The new open-core sensor generation, which represents an innovative and higher perceived quality solution, allows retrofitting of existing installation and guarantees maximum flexibility and modularity.


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